Wednesday, May 29

ByKevin Sheekey

Bulletin: Special Counsel Robert Mueller to Make First Public Statement on Russia Probe at 11AM in Washington (Bloomberg)

Hot on the Bloomberg:
China Gears Up to Weaponize Rare Earths Dominance in Trade War
The threat to weaponize strategic materials ratchets up the tension between the world’s two biggest economies before an expected meeting between Presidents Xi Jinping and Donald Trump at the G-20 meeting next month.

U.S. Risks ‘Devastating’ Blow From China’s Rare Earths Monopoly (Bloomberg)

Important: The Trade War’s Next Battle Could Be China’s Access to Wall Street (New York Times)

UK Update: Boris Johnson’s Leadership Ambitions Hit Snag With U.K. Court Date (Bloomberg)

First on the Bloomberg:
Long Before Crash, Ethiopian Pilot Warned Bosses of Dangers
According to emails and documents reviewed by Bloomberg News, the pilot in December urged his superiors to bolster training on a 737 Max flight-control feature so crews would be better prepared for what the Lion Air pilots encountered in October before plunging into the Java Sea, killing all aboard.

Climate Today: More Than 500 Tornadoes Reported in the US in a Month – 12 Straight Days of Destruction (New York Times)

Editorial: A Dark Milestone for Women’s Rights in the US: A State With No Abortion Clinics (New York Times)
The situation in Missouri is a reminder that anti-abortion forces have already so worn away the right to abortion in America that it’s now being held together by threads. For too many women, the nightmare of a post-Roe America is already here.

Digital Ad Push: Trump’s 2020 Plan to Target Black, Hispanic and Suburban Female Voters (Axios)
In case you missed it: Trump’s Tweets are Losing Potency (Axios)

Fight Like a Mother: Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts has “thrown her heart and soul into gun violence prevention. It is because of her — and moms like her — that this movement is stronger than ever. Her book, #FightLikeAMother, is out today. You won’t want to miss her powerful story,” Mike Bloomberg tweeted Tuesday. Read how Watts sets the record straight on gun violence myths in Marie Claire here.

Editorial: Mayor Jim Kenney Won the Philadelphia Primary; So Did the Soda Tax (Philadelphia Inquirer)
Researchers from Johns Hopkins, Harvard, and Penn found that the overall sales of taxed beverages went down by 38 percent — a positive public-health outcome. It may have haters, but it’s a law that is doing the city good.

Today in Great Benefits: Among Most Generous Leave Policies Available in Singapore – Some Employees Get 26 Weeks of Paid Parental Leave (Channel News Asia)
What’s being offered by Bloomberg, which is way beyond the requirement stipulated by local authorities, is probably among the most generous parental leave policies available in Singapore.

“We recognize that every family is different, so our policies should reflect the needs of each and every colleague – across the world and regardless of gender,” founder Michael Bloomberg said in a May 15 announcement.

Best of late night.

“President Trump left for a state visit to Japan, and then next week he is also travelling to the UK. Trump was nervous, he was like ‘First, I have to learn Japanese, and now I have to learn English? Come on!’”
— Jimmy Fallon

“The race for 2020 is underway, and I saw that Walmart invited Bernie Sanders to its annual shareholders meetings. This is very nice, Walmart told Bernie that if he doesn’t win, they will hire him as a greeter.”
— Jimmy Fallon

“England has announced it will ban plastic-based Q-tips. Said Prince Charles: ‘It’s fine, I use a shovel.’”
— Seth Meyers

On news that ‘El Chapo’ has requested more exercise time in his New York prison, prompting officials to fear it’s another ploy to escape:

“El Chapo is asking to go outside to workout because he says his cell is noisy and too small and he doesn’t get enough fresh air. El Chapo, that’s not prison, that’s just living in New York City my friend. Just watch how much your rent goes up next month!”
— Trevor Noah

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