Wednesday, May 8

ByKevin Sheekey

Breaking News: Trump Exerts Executive Privilege to Shield Robert Mueller Documents Ahead of Contempt Vote (Bloomberg)

Hot on the Bloomberg: JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon Puts Odds of China-U.S. Trade Deal at 80% (Bloomberg)

China Will Seal Deal with ‘Rationally Crazy’ Trump, Says Former PBOC Adviser Li Daokui (Bloomberg)
-Trump Tweets: China Now Coming to U.S. to Make Trade Deal

World’s Rich Put a Third of Funds Into Cash as Trade War Simmers (Bloomberg)

Trump Tax Figures Show A Decade of Huge Losses (The New York Times)
President Trump lost $1.17 billion over 10 years on failed business deals, tax records obtained by The Times showed. The losses between 1985 and 1994 were so high that he didn’t pay income tax for eight of the 10 years. The NYT also said Trump used the same tax breaks he’s castigated companies like Amazon for using.
Trump Says $1.17 Billion Losses Were ‘Sport,’ Sound Tax Policy (Bloomberg)
Mike Bloomberg tweets his view

Nancy Pelosi Issues Impeachment Warning as White House Escalates Fight (Bloomberg)

AG William Barr Says Trump May Cite Executive Privilege on Mueller Report (Bloomberg)

Iran Sets 60-Day Nuclear Countdown Unless Europe Delivers Trade (Bloomberg)

Deutsche Bank Should Keep Cutting Costs, Watchdog Bafin Signals (Bloomberg)

Lawyer Reaps Millions Over Decades as a Cut of Tax Incentives (Bloomberg Tax)
You’ve heard of local tax credits for companies. What about sales tax sharing agreements for their lawyers?

Climate News: The Land Where Coal Remains King (Bloomberg)
The first in Bloomberg’s three-part series on the fuel that many countries can’t shake off.

Tech Today:
Uber Drivers Threaten Protests But $9 Billion IPO Rides On (Bloomberg)
Amazon Go’s First NY Store is Also First to Accept Cash (CNET)

Miracle of Anfield: Liverpool Reach Champions League Final After ‘Greatest Ever’ Comeback Against Barcelona (The Daily Mirror)

Best of late night.

On the New York Times report that Trump’s core businesses lost more than $1 billion over a decade:

“In fact, year after year, Trump appears to have lost more money than nearly any other taxpayer in America. I guess we finally found something that Trump really is the best at.”
James Corden

On Monday’s Met Gala in New York:

“In case you can’t tell, the theme this year was ‘camp.’ Now, it’s hard to pin down, but the Met explained it as anything that celebrates artifice, exaggeration and being intentionally over the top — as opposed to previous Met Galas, which were all about modest restraint.”
Stephen Colbert

“This is a who’s who of ‘who the hell put you in that dress?’”
Jimmy Kimmel

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