Wednesday, November 13

ByKevin Sheekey

Read of the Day: Why I Like Mike (New York Times – Thomas Friedman)
Today “billionaire’’ has become a dirty word and a disqualifying status for many in the left of the Democratic Party. To me, that is nonsensical.

Bloomberg is not just some wealthy dude who made his money betting on derivatives on Wall Street and now pops off about the need to cut taxes.

Bloomberg is someone who risked everything he had to start a business that took on giant incumbents and outperformed them and boosted productivity. He is a three-term mayor of New York City, with a record of accomplishments, and is someone who has taken forthright progressive stands on, and put huge funding behind, major public issues — like gun control, gay rights, women’s reproductive rights and climate change.

It was “billionaire’’ Bloomberg who funded the most radical and progressive green agenda of this era.

Read the full column which appears in today’s New York Times here.

Mike Bloomberg is the Most Charitable Philanthropist to Ever Seek The Presidency (Chronicle of Philanthropy)
Michael Bloomberg would be the most prominent philanthropist ever to seek the presidency if he follows through on plans to join the Democratic primary field.

The media mogul and former New York mayor has given away more than $8 billion to charity so far and has expressed his intentions to eventually give away his entire fortune.
See the tweet here.

Today in Washington.

Impeachment Begins:

The first public testimony in the House impeachment hearings will begin today in Washington.

The Republican ‘Ditch-Rudy’ Strategy on Impeachment (Axios – Mike Allen, Jonathan Swan)
One impeachment survival strategy for Republicans will be to try to distance President Trump from any Ukraine quid pro quo, with Rudy Giuliani potentially going under the bus, according to Axios.

On the Democratic side, House Intelligence Committee member Sean Patrick Maloney of New York told MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski this morning that they would “Let the witnesses speak. Let the American public hear the story firsthand unfiltered.”

He said the big questions are: “Did the President abuse his office? Is it ever okay that an American President, this one or a future one, extort the help of a foreign leader for an advantage in an American political campaign? Is that okay? Can that be something we put up with? And if not, how do we hold the President accountable?”

How and When to Watch the House Impeachment Hearings (Bloomberg)
Public hearings begin at 10AM ET in Washington with top U.S. envoy to Ukraine, William Taylor, and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, George Kent, testifying today. Testimony continues through the week. Click here for the full roster of witnesses this week.

White House Watch: Trump Brings Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to White House as Impeachment Hearings Open (Bloomberg)

Trump’s Deal Allowing 3D-Printed Guns Online Deemed Illegal (Bloomberg)

Supreme Court Update: Conservative Majority Ready to Let Trump End DACA Program Protecting Undocumented Immigrants (New York Times)

Supreme Court Lets Sandy Hook Shooting Lawsuit Go Forward (Associated Press)

Brexit Today.

Today in Finance.

Climate Today.

Media Watch.

Dining Section.

For Cramped City Dwellers: Small Kitchen, Big Thanksgiving, No Problem! (New York Times)

How to Get Die-Hard Meat Eaters to Try Impossible Burgers: Trick Them (Wall Street Journal)
The rise of plant-based protein is inspiring people to dupe family and friends, and not everyone is pleased.

Best of late night.

On Netflix responding to the launch of Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+:

“Seriously, you can tell that Netflix is worried. Instead of asking “Are you still watching?”, it now asks “And where the hell do you think you’re going?””
— Jimmy Fallon

“I heard that Instagram might get rid of likes as soon as next week. No more likes! In response, people immediately stopped running marathons and having babies.”
— Jimmy Fallon

“Today, most of the country was hit with snow, ice, and record low temperatures. Yeah, millions of Americans woke up this morning like, “Damn, this promotion for ‘Frozen 2’ is nuts!””
— Jimmy Fallon

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