Wednesday, October 11

ByKevin Sheekey

Most Read and Emailed on the Terminal (Last 24 Hours):
Madrid Keeps Pressure on as Catalans Blink on Independence (Bloomberg – Most Read)
Nobel Economist Thaler Says He’s Nervous About Stock Market (Bloomberg – Most Emailed)

In her interview with LBC radio yesterday, Theresa May walked a tightrope as she said she didn’t know how she’d vote in another Brexit referendum.  “I voted Remain, for good reasons at the time,” she said.  May Risks Tory Wrath with Ambiguous Words on Split (Bloomberg)

The UK is looking at whether to classify Facebook and Google as news organizations rather than communications platforms. Google and Facebook Could Be Forced to Take Responsibility for Everything Posted on Their Sites as UK Government Considers Crackdown (Telegraph)

Money managers worry that new MiFID rules, requiring them to inform clients by the end of the business day if their portfolio lost 10 percent, may have unintended consequences.  Rather than making markets more transparent, they’re concerned the requirement could quickly turn turmoil into panic. Money Managers See Risk of Market Panic from Obscure MiFID Rule (Bloomberg)

On Bloomberg TV yesterday, UBS CEO Sergio Ermotti signaled that the world’s largest wealth manager has resolved its capital and legacy costs. UBS’s Ermotti Says Investors Need Returns as Capital Issues Fade (Bloomberg)

After watching Google and Amazon push into new areas, Alibaba plans to develop next-generation technology and explore moonshot projects that could upend industries. Alibaba to Spend $15 Billion Exploring ‘Moonshot’ Projects (Bloomberg)

Push to shutter coal plants gets another jolt:   Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is at the Sierra Club’s HQ this morning at 11:45 am where he’ll announce “an increased commitment” to shutter the US coal fleet amid the repeal of the Clean Power Plan.  That comes as the Union of Concerned Scientists released an analysis finding 21 percent of the nation’s coal fleet uneconomic and an additional 18 percent already slated for retirement or conversion to natural gas. A Dwindling Role for Coal (Union of Concerned Scientists)

Tweet of the day:

@jskelley  So well deserved.  Congratulations @AmandaBCowie!  Proud to host #WICI17 at Bloomberg this morning 

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