Wednesday, October 3

ByKevin Sheekey

Michael Bloomberg Jolts Senate Battle with $20 Million for Democrats (Washington Post)
Michael Bloomberg will give $20 million to the main Democratic Senate super PAC this week — jolting the national battle for control of the chamber just five weeks away from the midterm elections.

Bloomberg says the emotional national debate over assault allegations against President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has energized Democratic voters and provides an opening for the party to be more competitive in rallying women and swing voters, his advisers said Tuesday, adding that he sees last week’s contentious hearings as a tipping point.

“Mike was extraordinarily disappointed in the Republican leadership in the Senate and feels increasingly passionate about changing it,” Bloomberg adviser Kevin Sheekey said. “And he’s already enthusiastic about the impact he’s having on House races and increasingly confident that he can contribute to a Democratic takeover.”

How to Be Like Mike: Mike Bloomberg Honored by League of Conservation Voters
Watch this video: “If He Had a Title, It Would Be ‘Mayor of Earth’” – Mayor of Pittsburgh

2020 Watch: Trump’s 2020 Dreams (Axios)
President Trump is increasingly fantasizing in public and private about his 2020 campaign, using midterm rallies to talk as excitedly about his own re-election in 2020 as he does about the 2018 races that are just 34 days away….Trump has mused in private about Mike Bloomberg. At the end of an August interview with Bloomberg News, Trump told the journalists: “Say hello to Michael.”

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Trump’s Mocking of Kavanaugh Accusers Stuns Senators Before Vote​

Bloomberg Opinion Editorial: Brett Kavanaugh Has Already Failed the Test of Temperament
Whatever happened in 1982, he has shown himself unfit for the Supreme Court.

Today in Tax Avoidance – in 14,000 Words: Trump Engaged in Suspect Tax Schemes as He Reaped Riches From His Father (New York Times)

From the Expert: Trump Even Inherited His Self-Made Myth (Bloomberg Opinion – Tim O’Brien)

Tory Conference Today: Theresa May Tells U.K. Conservatives End of Austerity Is in Sight (Bloomberg)

Trade Today: China ‘Threatened with Isolation’ by Veto Written into US-Mexico-Canada Trade Deal (South China Morning Post)

China Fines Actress Fan Bingbing, Companies $129 Million in Tax Evasion Case (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg London: See the Six Amazing Buildings on the Royal Institute of British Architects Stirling Prize Shortlist (BBC)
The winner of the prestigious Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Stirling Prize will be announced a week from today.

Bloomberg Insider.

Bloomberg News Wins Barlett & Steele Investigative Reporting Award for “Brexit’s Big Short” (Talking Biz News)
Bloomberg’s “Brexit’s Big Short” report exposed how a handful of hedge funds netted hundreds of millions of dollars in the largest major currency crash in the modern financial system, tied
to the Brexit vote. Nigel Farage, the global face of Brexit, gave what sounded like a concession speech of a Brexit failure within seconds of the close of voting that pushed the pound upward, ripe for the stunning collapse that pollsters and those hedge funds knew was coming.

The Hidden Newsmakers in Finance: Bloomberg Insists on More Women, Diverse Sourcing (Laura Zelenko, Bloomberg’s Senior Executive Editor for Diversity, Talent, Standards and

Bloomberg Media Group on Shortlist for Most Innovative Culture and Employer of the Year (Digiday Worklife Awards)

Best of late night.

“Trump’s father was paying him the modern-day equivalent of $200,000 a year at 3 years old. He’s not just a con man, he was a con baby first.”
— Jimmy Kimmel

“It was just reported that in Malaysia, a man’s been living in the airport for 7 months. Good news is today his connecting flight on United finally arrived.”
— Conan O’Brien

“And finally, Southwest Airlines is holding a giant sale this week, offering some flights for $49. People asked ‘what’s the catch?’, Southwest said ‘you have to fly Southwest’.”
— Jimmy Fallon

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