Wednesday, September 13

ByKevin Sheekey

Here are some stories worth reading today:

Today at a Future of Banking event in Bloomberg’s Singapore office, Vikram Pandit says AI and robotics reduce the need for banking staff.  Ex-Citi CEO Says 30% of Bank Jobs at Risk From Technology (Bloomberg)

UBS’s head of investment banking on Bloomberg TV:  UBS’s Andrea Orcel Sees Rocky 2018 For Banks’ Profit as MiFID Kicks In (Bloomberg)

Murdoch’s ambition to take control of Sky PLC has hit a roadblock. Is Sky Out of Murdoch’s Reach? (Bloomberg Gadfly)

In December of 2010, Mike Bloomberg announced a New York City tech initiative stating “A new, state-of-the-art applied sciences research school would be a major asset for New York City as we develop a 21st century innovation economy.”  Today it is a reality. High Tech and High Design, Cornell’s Roosevelt Island Campus Opens (New York Times)

While West still beats East in tech, New York is coming along nicely. New York’s Silicon Alley is (Still) No Match for Silicon Valley (Bloomberg Businessweek)

While Mike Bloomberg didn’t solve the great stagnation of living standards that afflicts the American middle class and poor, it’s hard to think of a contemporary mayor or governor who made more progress. Book Review: A History of Bloomberg’s Successes and Failures (New York Times)

Mike Bloomberg, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates team up to combat the global burdens of heart disease and infectious epidemics. Former CDC Chief Tom Frieden Launches $225 Million Global Health Initiative (Washington Post)

​Most Read on the Bloomberg Terminal (Last 24 Hours):
JPMorgan’s CEO Would Fire Traders Who Bet on ‘Fraud’ Bitcoin  (Bloomberg)

Tweet of the day:

@MikeBloomberg: Ravaged by Hurricane Irma, the U.S. Virgin Islands are in critical need of humanitarian aid.  Help suppport the recovery:

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