Wednesday, September 4

ByKevin Sheekey

Concession: Hong Kong’s Carrie Lam Scraps Bill That Sparked Months of Unrest (Bloomberg)
Hong Kong’s embattled leader, Carrie Lam, formally withdrew legislation to allow extraditions to China, a political retreat that may help ease — but not end — months of unrest in the Asian financial hub.

Still, it isn’t immediately clear whether the formal withdrawal would end the protests. The action meets only one of five main demands, which also include calls for an independent commission of inquiry into police violence, an amnesty for those who have been arrested and universal suffrage.

Boris Setback: Johnson in Crisis as His Enemies Take Control (Bloomberg)
U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit strategy is in tatters. After seizing control over the parliamentary agenda, Johnson’s critics will aim to pass a law banning him from taking Britain out of the bloc without a deal on Oct. 31. He has said he’ll retaliate by pushing for a snap general election.

What’s Next: What to Expect From the Brexit Showdown in Parliament (Bloomberg)

Hurricane Dorian Latest: ‘Total devastation’ after Hurricane Dorian Slams Parts of the Bahamas (Associated Press)

Recession Watch.

U.S. Manufacturing Slowed in August in Latest Sign of Economic Weakness (New York Times)

How Much Will the Trade War Cost You by the End of the Year? (New York Times)
A new wave of tariffs by the Trump administration went into effect on Sunday, rendering the majority of goods imported to the United States from China subject to import taxes. This round — a 15 percent tariff on billions of dollars’ worth of Chinese goods as varied as cereal bowls, paint brushes and pajamas — will cost about $460 over a year for the average family.

Gun Control.

Walmart to Limit Ammunition Sales and Discourage ‘Open Carry’ of Guns in Stores (New York Times)
Walmart stepped forcefully into the national gun debate on Tuesday, saying it would stop selling ammunition that can be used in military-style assault rifles and all handgun ammunition.

“They have their pulse on what Americans want, and the Senate should take note,” said John Feinblatt, president of the Mike Bloomberg funded Everytown for Gun Safety.

San Francisco Board of Supervisors designates NRA domestic terrorist organization (KTVU San Francisco)

Gun Control Groups Outspent NRA After August Mass Shootings, Support For New Legislation Remains High (Newsweek)

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Best of late night.

“This weekend, police in Scotland were called after thousands of people signed up to play a massive game of hide and seek inside an IKEA. It only should have taken police 20 minutes to assemble a team, but seeing as it was IKEA, it took them 7 hours.”
— Jimmy Fallon

“Police found the suspects by following a trail of Swedish meatballs.”
— Jimmy Fallon

“Disney World closed early today in preparation for Hurricane Dorian, while SeaWorld told their whales to shut up and enjoy the fresh water!”
— Seth Meyers​

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