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Grim: Americans Account For 20% of Global Covid Deaths.

global breakdown of covid deaths

The United States’ virus death toll is more than 205,000, which means the country has recorded 20.5% of the world’s 1 million Covid-19 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University — or one in five global deaths. 

After the U.S., Brazil accounts for 14.2% of deaths, India for 9.6%, Mexico for 7.6% and the UK for 4.2%. 

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Debate Chaos.

Fact-CheckTrump Repeatedly Relies on Falsehoods. Debate’s 21 Most Noteworthy Claims

Biden: ‘He’s Putin’s Puppy’

Jon Meacham on Twitter: “The incumbent’s behavior this evening is the lowest moment in the history of the presidency since Andrew Johnson’s racist state papers”

The Return to Work.

New York City Companies Offer Workers Travel Stipends to Offset Transit

Earlier this month, Bloomberg LP told its 20,000 workers globally, including 9,000 in Manhattan, that it would provide up to $75 a day toward commuting costs, including car services, tolls, parking and public transportation. “Many employees cited public transit as a barrier to coming back in, and this was a way to help them take any mode of transit that worked for them,” Ken Cooper, global head of human resources for the company, said.

Voter Registration Reminder.

Visit to register to vote, check on your registration, or get state-by-state details on voting by mail and in-person.

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Best of Late Night.

“A New York Times investigation published yesterday showed Trump paid just $750 in federal taxes in both 2016 and 2017, which I have to admit is way funnier than paying $0. It’s like giving someone a Starbucks gift-card with $0.68 on it.”
— Seth Meyers

“We are paying your room and board — you can’t even make it an even grand?”
— Seth Meyers

“Even people who use the free version of TurboTax are like, ‘That can’t be right.’”
— Jimmy Fallon

“The craziest thing to me is he took a $70,000 deduction on his hair. Because to me, now it looks like two crimes might have been committed here: One is Trump’s tax evasion, and two is whoever swindled Trump into paying $70,000 for what they did to him.”
— Trevor Noah

“Justice Barrett is inevitable, like death and Donald Trump not paying his taxes.”
— Stephen Colbert

“Seriously, when it comes to avoiding taxes, Trump knows every loophole. For instance, on next year’s taxes, he plans on claiming his coronavirus response as a total loss.”
— Jimmy Fallon