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Countdown to COP26.

New Study: Climate Change Threatens to Spread Viruses Through an Unprepared World

Top medical journal The Lancet warns that rising temperatures will worsen heat and respiratory illness and spread infectious disease.

After nations largely failed the stress test of Covid-19, decades of progress to control age-old illnesses such as malaria, dengue fever and cholera are under threat unless leaders commit to more ambitious climate plans, the Lancet said in a study Wednesday.

Doctors say inaction on climate change imperils millions of lives.

With nations injecting trillions of dollars to restart their economies in the midst of the pandemic, the report urged policymakers to “move beyond rhetoric and take action” at a UN conference in Glasgow that starts at the end of the month, where world leaders, executives and climate activists will hammer out plans to cut carbon emissions.

First Look! Glasgow’s Streets Burst with Color 

A stunning display of color now covers part of Glasgow’s public transit system, just in time for the COP26 climate talks that start in 10 days.

Glasgow-based artist Gabriella Marcella’s ‘Waterworks’ adorns is wrapped around many low emission buses crossing the center of the city through mid-November.

Her art work is inspired by Glasgow’s water systems and the environmental challenges the city faces with excessive rain and water runoff.

The bus displays are an extension of the ‘Waterworks’ public art work at the entrance of Glasgow’s busy Anderston Station that, as part of Bloomberg Philanthropies Asphalt Art initiative, is designed to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety and has revitalized the area around the station.

Weekend Arts.

Opened Thursday: ‘Water’s Soul’ 80-Foot Sculpture Makes Statement in Jersey City 

‘Water’s Soul’ is a new sculpture by artist Jaume Plensa. It sits directly across the Hudson River and appears to tell Manhattan to keep it down.

Last Chance! Alex Da Corte Sculpture at The Met Rooftop

Don’t miss Alex Da Corte’s ‘As Long as the Sun Lasts’ sculpture on The Met’s Rooftop, which is on view through Oct. 31 and supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies. Da Corte (featured below) will appear at a special artist talk at the rooftop next Friday, Oct 29. Get your ticket here.

Streaming Guide.

Dune – (HBO Max & In Theaters)

Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi novel “Dune”, starring Zendaya and Timothee Chalamet, tackles the first half of the first book of the series that began in 1965. David Lynch’s 1984 adaptation is also streaming on HBO Max.

Only Murders in the Building – (Hulu)

Selena Gomez stars alongside the legendary Steve Martin and Martin Short, and the three portray NYC neighbors who aim to unravel an apparent murder inside their Upper West Side apartment building. Watch it here.

Best of Late Night.

On resistance from some firefighters and police officers to vaccine mandates:

“I’ve gotta say, out of all the occupations, cops and firefighters are the last people who I’d expect to see this from. These are the same people who sign up to swarm hostage situations or run into burning buildings. But when it comes to the vaccine, suddenly they’re like, ‘I don’t know, seems like a health risk.’”
– Trevor Noah

“So it turns out that if you do believe that blue lives matter, one of the best ways to show your support is by getting the vaccine.”
– Trevor Noah

On news that Facebook may rename the company:

“They’re still facing accusations of endangering teens, spreading misinformation and destroying democracy. So they’re doing the right thing: rebranding the company with a new name.”
– Stephen Colbert

“Just in case they haven’t settled on one yet, we here at ‘The Late Show’ have come up with a few appropriate names, like Pinsurrectionist, Aunt Brenda’s Three-Paragraph Rant-a-torium, Best Fun Times America Website and the Washington Football Team.”
– Stephen Colbert

“This comes as the company continues to expand its services beyond traditional social media. Facebook’s aim with the rebrand is to, quote, ‘confuse the #@*% out of everybody’s parents.’”
– James Corden

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