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Climate of Hope.

Seaweed Plastic, Clean Cookstoves, Carbon Storage and Farming Startups Among 2022 Earthshot Prize Winners

Potential fixes to the world’s most persistent environmental problems are often little-known and underfunded. That’s why in 2020, Prince William launched the Earthshot Prize to encourage approaches that deserve more attention and scale by 2030. And on Fridaythe 2022 Earthshot Prize winners were announced at a ceremony in Boston.

During the ceremony, Prince William invoked the spirit of John F. Kennedy, comparing his belief that humankind can repair the planet this decade to the late President’s dream of landing a man on the moon.

“Of the many wonders of the natural world that surround each of us every day, it is only from space that we can fully comprehend the gift that is our home,” Prince William said.

The five winners, each receiving a £1 million ($1.2 million) prize, were: Mukuru Clean Stoves, a female-founded startup that’s providing cleaner-burning biomass stoves in Africa; Notpla, a United Kingdom company making biodegradable packaging from seaweed; Kheyti, a “greenhouse-in-a-box” concept created to increase yields on small farms in India; 44.01, a technique for transforming atmospheric carbon into rock in Oman in the Middle East; and Indigenous Women of the Great Barrier Reef, a woman-led effort to create a new generation of indigenous rangers in Australia.

Mike Bloomberg serves as a Global Advisor to the Winners of The Earthshot Prize to harness the resources and expertise of Bloomberg LP and Bloomberg Philanthropies to help scale and replicate the Prize Winners’ solutions.

You can stream the awards ceremony in the US on and the PBS app starting at 2PM ET today, and the PBS YouTube channel at 8PM ET tonight. In the UK, you can watch now on BBC One and iPlayer. It will also be available to watch on The Earthshot Prize YouTube channel.

US Elections.

Georgia Votes Tomorrow: Senate Runoff Smashes Early Voting Records with More Than 1.85 Million Ballots Already Cast

Former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter: Why Elections Are All About Crime

If any candidate doesn’t have a serious public safety platform, I don’t know how they can be taken seriously. Philadelphia had more homicides last year than in any other in recorded history and, sadly, this year will probably be second-highest.

My friend and fellow (former New York City) Mayor Mike Bloomberg said you can’t have a great city if people don’t feel safe. You can build all the buildings you want and have all the policies and programs you want and do any number of great things, but if people are too scared to come outside, what difference does it make?

Post-Roe: US Abortion Rights Groups Look to Next Fights After 2022 Wins

With near-total bans on abortion in place in over a dozen states, abortion-rights groups expect many of their next efforts will be in state legislatures, where Republicans continue to push for restrictions.

Other next tests include a spring election for the Wisconsin Supreme Court that could shift the balance of the court in a state where abortion is banned, and the November 2023 governor’s race in Kentucky.

2024 Watch: Democrats Move to Make South Carolina, Not Iowa, 1st Voting State

What I’m Reading.

UK Politics: Opposition Labour Party Holds Key UK Seat in First Electoral Test for Conservative PM Rishi Sunak

Labour candidate Samantha Dixon defeated Conservative candidate Liz Wardlaw in a by-election in northwest England last week, with a 13.8% swing from the Conservatives to Labour, proving that national opinion polls putting Keir Starmer’s Labour Party far ahead of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Conservative Party are broadly right.

Larry Summers: Federal Reserve Will Need to Hike Rates More Than Market Thinks

Financial News: Citi CEO Whisperer Nudges Wall Street Into Political Minefields

Matt Winkler: Joe Biden Is Right to Question Big Oil’s Stock Buybacks

Florida: Lawmakers Look to Restore Some Disney Privileges That Were Axed in Feud with Ron DeSantis Over Law Limiting Gender Identity Teaching

Social Media Mayhem: Surging Twitter Antisemitism Unites Fringe, Encourages Violence

China’s Covid Shift: Shanghai, Hangzhou Scrap Range of Testing Requirements as Covid Pivot Accelerates

Chinese authorities eased Covid testing requirements across major cities over the weekend as Beijing appears to be engineering a gradual shift away from its strict Covid Zero policy amid elevated cases and public protests.

Middle East: Iran Shutting Down Morality Police After Months of Protests, One Official Suggests

Abolishing the morality police would have a major impact on the Iranian government’s ability to control what women wear. The primary role of the morality police was to enforce the laws related to Iran’s conservative Islamic dress code, imposed after the 1979 Islamic Revolution and recently invigorated by the country’s new ultraconservative president.

World Cup: England Cruises Into Quarter-Finals with 3-0 Win Over Senegal, Will Face France on Saturday

Today in Travel: Paris Reopens Iconic Airport Terminal Ahead of 2024 Olympics After €250 Million Revamp

The newly created passenger space in Terminal 1 of Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport is reminiscent of Parisian bistros or cabarets, with sofas and chairs in plush red and greens, tables decorated with chess boards, tall brass lights resembling fireworks and smaller round lamps inspired by the terminal’s circular shape.

Best of Late Night.

“The Georgia Senate runoff set records for early voting. Herschel Walker has always encouraged his supporters to take care of voting early, before it becomes a problem.”
— Colin Jost, on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update

“There is growing support to move the first Democratic primary from Iowa to South Carolina. But why would you just move it to another boring state? Start the primaries with a bang in Florida.”
— Colin Jost

“Florida may not give us FDR or JFK. But it will definitely give us HPV.”
— Colin Jost

‌”A police officer in New York state is being called the ‘baby whisperer’ after he helped deliver his fifth baby in 9 years. ‘Only five babies in 9 years?’, said Nick Cannon.”
— Michael Che

‌”Merriam Webster announced that its word of the year is ‘gaslighting.’ Gaslighting, if you don’t know, is a word my ex-girlfriend made up to magically win arguments that she was losing.”
— Michael Che

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