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A Focus on Florida.

Miami Herald: Bravo to Mike Bloomberg for Raising Big Bucks to Help Florida’s Ex-Felons Vote 

Last week, the Editorial Board urged Michael Bloomberg to “write a big old check” to help ex-felons in Florida vote in the presidential election. This week, he announced that he has raised almost $20 million for the cause. Bravo!

Florida Rep. Ted Deutch: ‘What Mayor Bloomberg is Doing, Making Sure That Every Person Has the Ability to Vote, is Incredible’ 

U.S.’s New Covid Case Rate is Twice the UK’s.

time series of new cases per day

With 59 new cases per million people each day in the UK over the past week, British officials said infection rates are heading “in the wrong direction” and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the public Tuesday to work from home if possible.

Just ten days ago, the U.S. had about 105 new cases per million people each day. The number has jumped more than 25% in those subsequent ten days. 

As Axios put it: “The world’s most powerful country has abjectly failed in its response to this pandemic.

The federal response has been abysmal. Failures range from procurement disasters such as PPE to signs of rot at revered institutions like the CDC.”

Your Need to Know on Voting.

November 3 is quickly approaching.

Be prepared and know how to vote by checking out NBC News’ ‘Plan Your Vote’ resource here.

Analysis: U.S. Voter Registration Advertising Takes Off

National Voter Registration Day was this week and you can see the different voter registration (VR) strategies playing out in paid media.

The RNC has spent $1.3 million over the last two months on a Facebook page called “Register to Vote Republican.” The page has run 16,905 ads, mostly in Michigan, Florida, Ohio, and Texas. 

The Democratic side has seen a surge of VR ad spending from outside groups and the national party. Over the last three months, the Voter Participation Center spent $1.1 million on 10,250 ads and Voto Latino has spent $224,000 on 4,982 ads.

The campaigns themselves also run VR ads, with Trump running 24,000 Facebook ads containing the word “register” and Biden and the Democratic Party running a combined 2,900. Trump has also run text and video ads on YouTube encouraging supporters to “Vote Like President Trump! Request Your Ballot.”

Democrats have made greater use of Snapchat, a platform that caters to a younger audience but has 80% of its user base over 18 years of age. The platform itself has registered 750,000 voters as of this week and plans to continuously roll out voting PSAs between now and Election Day. Paid ads on Snap are also big, with groups like Accelerate Change, Democracy Wants You, The Voter Participation Center, and running their own ad campaigns.

To check your registration, go to

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Op-ed of the Day.

Poor Diets Are Killing Us – Why Aren’t More Governments Taking Urgent Action?

“Last month, Tabasco became the second state in Mexico to bar the sale of crisps, sweets, and sugary drinks to anyone under the age of 18,” write Dr. Neena Prasad, director of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Food Policy Program, and Dr. Kelly Henning, director of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Public Health Program.

Poor diets are associated with 11 million deaths annually, making it the leading risk factor for death globally.

“These deaths are preventable, and Latin American countries like Mexico and Chile are showing the world that it’s possible by putting public health ahead of the profits of Big Food and Big Soda.”

Best of Late Night.

On Republican efforts to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat on the Supreme Court before the November election:

“Getting a majority on the Supreme Court is what Romney and other Republicans have been dreaming about for 50 years. On his bedroom wall growing up, Mitt Romney had a poster of Superman, a dancing horse and an empty Supreme Court seat.”
— Trevor Noah

“Now it sounds like a vote could be held in just a few weeks. We haven’t seen Republicans move this fast since Men’s Warehouse had a closing sale.”
— Jimmy Fallon

“If Republicans thought Donald Trump was going to win, they’d just wait. But they’re not waiting — they want to do it now, because they think he’s going to lose. I wonder if this has dawned on him yet. ‘Mr. President, we need to make this happen before you’re back at Mar-a-Lago screaming at the housekeeping staff’.”
— Jimmy Kimmel

On more promises:

“Donald Trump said in an interview yesterday that a coronavirus vaccine would be available ‘in a matter of weeks.’ Yeah, but how may weeks? Is this like one of those deals when parents talk about their babies now? ‘How old is Caden? He’s 59 weeks!’”
— Seth Meyers

And finally, a headline that is not from The Onion:

New York Formally Bans Pooping on Subways and Buses (Daily News)

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