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Hurricane Ian Latest.

Ian Heads Back to Hurricane Strength as It Barrels Towards Carolinas

Ian has re-strengthened into a Category 1 hurricane as it heads to the Carolinas after battering Florida. Water levels could rise as high as seven feet near historic Charleston, South Carolina and heavy rains and winds above 70 mph are expected to hammer the Carolinas.

Across Florida’s southwest where Hurricane Ian made landfall as a powerful Category 4 storm, residents were trapped in their homes and a hospital roof was damaged, forcing patient evacuations to other floors. With limited electricity and cell phone coverage, distress calls were going unanswered and the extent of the casualties remained unclear.

Latest on Putin’s War.

Russia Says it Will Annex Some Territory in Ukraine Today After ‘Sham’ Referendums

Russia vowed to go ahead with the annexation of the parts of Ukraine that its troops currently control after UN-condemned votes, putting the Kremlin on a fresh collision course with the US and its allies. Russia will sign treaties to absorb the four regions in eastern and southern Ukraine at a Kremlin ceremony later today, with a Red Square concert planned tonight to celebrate.

The hastily organized voting, some conducted at gunpoint, was declared illegal by the UN. Leaders in the regions declared results as high as 99% in favor of annexation in some areas.

Boosting pressure on Kyiv and its allies, Putin has threatened to use “all the means at our disposal” to defend Russia, a signal he may use nuclear weapons to protect the lands he’s annexing.

Ukraine and its allies rejected the annexations, pledging to continue weapons supplies to Kyiv, which has said it will press its counteroffensive aimed at retaking the territories.

Videos Reveal Desperation: Russians Rebel as Putin Drafts More People in Battle for Ukraine

What I’m Reading.

Recession Watch: Larry Summers Says Global Market Risk Is Building Like in August 2007, UK and Japan Are Potential Breakdowns

Besides the UK, “I don’t think there’s any sign that I see — yet — of other markets being disorderly,” said Summers, a former Treasury Secretary, in a Bloomberg Television interview with David Westin. “But we know that when you have extreme volatility, that’s when these situations are more likely to arise,” Summers added.

Mark Carney: Liz Truss Government Is Undercutting UK Institutions

Former Bank of England Governor Mark Carney accused Liz Truss’s government of “undercutting” the nation’s economic institutions, the latest in a string of international criticism and warnings about the government’s fiscal plans, including from the International Monetary Fund and ratings firm Moody’s.

Ahead of Next Week’s Conservative Party Conference: UK Labour Surges to Biggest Poll Lead by Any Party in 20 Years

Cost of the Summer of Strikes: UK Lost Over 150,000 Working Days to Disputes in June and July

Big News for Electric Vehicles: New York Follows California in Banning Sale of Gas Cars By 2035

Opinion of the Day: A Harsh Ad Hitting Herschel Walker in Georgia Shows a Way Forward for Democrats

A new ad campaign from Everytown for Gun Safety is testing a way to use the issues to tell a story about GOP radicalism. The ad — which will air in Atlanta markets and is backed by a $1 million buy — is an effort to connect with voters in a visceral, energizing way by linking abortion and guns around the shared theme of safety and security. Click here to watch the 30 second ad.

GOP’s Misguided War on ESG: Republican Attacks on ESG Will Restrict Impact Investing in US

The anti-ESG bills “highlight the hypocrisy of prescribing that the investment industry should invest in what is in the best interests of certain industries in the states, but disguising this under arguments of prioritizing investment returns, which makes little sense,” hedge fund adviser NorthPeak said. “Investment professionals themselves are best suited to decide what they believe will maximize their returns.”

Progress for Choice: India’s Highest Court Upholds Abortion Rights for Single Women

Brazil Votes Sunday for President: Tight Election Race Between Bolsonaro, Lula Puts Economic Revival Plans in Focus

UK Travel Planner: Expect Muted Autumn Colors in the UK After Summer Drought

NYC Arts: Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at “Las flores de mi país” at the Arsenal Gallery in Central Park Through November 10

Las flores de mi país (“The Flowers of my Country”) features pieces by 20 artists using botanicals as inspiration to reflect a culture or tradition. The installation is free to visit in Central Park at East 64th and Fifth Avenue.

London Arts: ‘Antelope’ by Samson Kambalu Unveiled as the Fourth Plinth Sculpture

‘Antelope’ by Samson Kambalu was unveiled as the next sculpture on the Fourth Plinth in London’s Trafalgar Square. The Fourth Plinth is renowned across the globe for bringing world-class contemporary art to one of London’s most prominent squares. The Fourth Plinth sculpture is supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies, and can also be found on the Bloomberg Connects app

Weekend Streaming Guide.

‘Andor’ (Disney+)

Dillon has been waiting for this: A new Star Wars series, this show features an era filled with danger, deception and intrigue where Cassian Andor will discover the difference he can make in the struggle against the tyrannical Galactic Empire. Click here to stream.

‘The David Rubenstein Show: Dan Doctoroff’ (Bloomberg Television)

Don’t miss this interview with Dan that aired on BTV this week. As the founder and chairman of Target ALS, he talks about why he personally got involved in trying to find a cure for this debilitating disease and how he’s living with it today. He also talks about how he ended up at Bloomberg LP and working for Mike Bloomberg in New York’s City Hall. He’s currently a board member of Bloomberg Philanthropies. Learn more about his efforts to end ALS here.

‘The Greatest Beer Run Ever’ (Apple TV+ and in theaters)

What Bill Cunningham is going to watch as soon as he can find a friend with an Apple TV subscription: Just out today, this movie set in 1967 follows “Chickie” Donohue, played by Zac Efron, as he leaves New York to track down his army buddies in Vietnam and share a few beers with them, but is instead confronted with the horrors of war. Click here to watch the trailer and here to stream on Apple TV

Best of Late Night.

“Kia recalled 70,000 Sorento and Sportage SUVs after multiple reports of fires and localized melting incidents. Kia was like, ‘Look, on the bright side you now have the world’s biggest panini maker.’”
— Jimmy Fallon

“It’s National Drink Beer Day, and of course for all those who don’t celebrate there is Coors Light.”
— Jimmy Fallon

“Last night at a concert in D.C., Lizzo played a never-used crystal flute that once belonged to President James Madison. No one had played it in 200 years, so it was ‘about damn time.’”
— Jimmy Fallon, referencing Lizzo’s song ‘About Damn Time’

‌”That’s a really cool way to bring attention to American history. Now students will know that James Madison was that guy who did a collab with Lizzo.”
— Trevor Noah

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