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U.S. Race to Herd Immunity.

The U.S. is on track to have 60% of adults with at least one Covid-19 vaccine dose by next week as President Biden and public health officials urge all Americans older than 12 to get vaccinated.

Today, the country will surpass 265 million doses administered, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. An average of 2.1 million new doses are given each day.

The Northeast states are leading the race to vaccinate, with Massachusetts having given more than 60% of the population at least one dose.

New York has given more than 50% of its population at least one dose, ranking in the top 30% of U.S. states. The proportion of all adults vaccinated is even higher, of course, as teens were just approved for the shots recently. In New York, the state says more than 60% of all adults have received at least one dose.

Connecticut has given 57.8% of its population at least one dose and New Jersey has given 54.7% at least one dose. Washington, DC has given nearly 52% at least one dose.

Sun Belt states are showing slower progress: Florida has given 44.5% of its population at least one dose, Arizona has given 42.8% at least one dose and Texas has given 39.9% at least one dose.

Mississippi is the slowest state in the country to vaccinate, with just 32% of its population with at least one dose.

Today in Financial News.

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Bloomberg Onboards More Than 100 Buy-Side Firms Globally in 12 Months

“As the buy-side continues to navigate the broad impact of the disruption caused by COVID-19, resilient technology solutions and operating models are crucial,” said Ian Peckett, Global Head of Buy-Side Solutions at Bloomberg.

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What I’m Reading.

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Liz Cheney“I Will Do Everything I Can to Keep Trump Away from the White House Again”

While Rep. Cheney was easily axed from House GOP leadership this morning, she’s not going to disappear. Far from it. If anything, Cheney could now become more of a pain for McCarthy than she was already.

Cheney will have a massive platform and will likely become the face of the Republican resistance to Trump.

And despite months of derision by the GOP of ‘cancel culture,’ distorting its meaning rendering it effectively meaningless, by their own definition they just canceled Cheney.

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Ghost Forest Opens in Madison Square Park.

Maya Lin’s Ghost Forest, a towering stand of forty-nine haunting Atlantic white cedar trees in New York City’s Madison Square Park, is now open through November.

Ghost Forest showcases Lin’s work as an environmental activist with the height of each tree, around forty feet, overwhelming human scale and standing as a metaphor of the outsized impact of a looming environmental calamity. Bloomberg Philanthropies is a supporter of the exhibition. Click here to learn more.

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Best of Late Night.

“Today I read that the Biden administration is teaming up with McDonald’s to help raise vaccine awareness. Yep, so get ready for the all new McDerna.”
— Jimmy Fallon

“You know we’re living through historic times when McDonalds is giving public health advice, don’t you think?”
— Jimmy Fallon

“Here in New York City, it was just announced that some subway stations are offering Covid vaccines. Yep, first they sterilize your arm with a $2 bottle of vodka and a paper bag that was left in the seat, then they hold the shot near your arm and a parkour dancer kicks it in.”
— Jimmy Fallon

“There won’t be a need for a follow-up appointment, because officials will use the Johnson & Johnson vaccine at the stations. Sure, they say that, but halfway through, they’ll switch to Moderna for no reason, and then you’ll have to get off at 14th Street to wait for another shot.”
— Stephen Colbert

“Because if there’s one thing everybody thinks in the subway, it’s, ‘I wish I could have a medical procedure down here.’”
— Stephen Colbert

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