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Top U.S. Covid Hotspots: Two Weeks Ago vs. Today.

covid case comparison

Over the past two weeks, Wisconsin has seen the number of new cases per 100,000 residents double — from 110 two weeks ago to 237 today. 

The state with the highest rate of new Covid infections, North Dakota, currently has about 347 new cases per 100,000 residents each day.

The next highest is South Dakota, with 265 new cases per 100,000 residents each day.

On average, the U.S. has about 94 new cases each day per 100,000 residents.

A Focus on Florida.

Miami Herald: Bravo to Mike Bloomberg for Raising Big Bucks to Help Florida’s Ex-Felons Vote 

Last week, the Editorial Board urged Michael Bloomberg to “write a big old check” to help ex-felons in Florida vote in the presidential election. This week, he announced that he has raised almost $20 million for the cause. Bravo!

Florida Rep. Ted Deutch: ‘What Mayor Bloomberg is Doing, Making Sure That Every Person Has the Ability to Vote, is Incredible’ 

Voter Registration Reminder.

Visit to register to vote, check on your registration, or get state-by-state details on voting by mail and in-person.

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Analysis: U.S. Voter Registration Advertising Takes Off

National Voter Registration Day was this week and you can see the different voter registration (VR) strategies playing out in paid media.

The RNC has spent $1.3 million over the last two months on a Facebook page called “Register to Vote Republican.” The page has run 16,905 ads, mostly in Michigan, Florida, Ohio, and Texas. 

The Democratic side has seen a surge of VR ad spending from outside groups and the national party. Over the last three months, the Voter Participation Center spent $1.1 million on 10,250 ads and Voto Latino has spent $224,000 on 4,982 ads.

The campaigns themselves also run VR ads, with Trump running 24,000 Facebook ads containing the word “register” and Biden and the Democratic Party running a combined 2,900. Trump has also run text and video ads on YouTube encouraging supporters to “Vote Like President Trump! Request Your Ballot.”

Democrats have made greater use of Snapchat, a platform that caters to a younger audience but has 80% of its user base over 18 years of age. The platform itself has registered 750,000 voters as of this week and plans to continuously roll out voting PSAs between now and Election Day. Paid ads on Snap are also big, with groups like Accelerate Change, Democracy Wants You, The Voter Participation Center, and running their own ad campaigns.

To check your registration, go to

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Arts News.

Coalition of Foundations Award an Unprecedented $156 Million to Minority Arts Groups

Launched by the Ford Foundation, with leadership support from Bloomberg Philanthropies, a group of 16 foundations and donors this week is announcing an unprecedented $156 million-and-growing initiative called “America’s Cultural Treasures,” with substantial grants going to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of color) organizations across the country.

Mike Bloomberg said: “This initiative fills an urgent need, as the pandemic threatens so many vitally important arts organizations of color across the country.”

Best of Late Night.

On mental health experts warning about the dangers of ‘doomscrolling’ bad news on phones and social media:

“Experts say spending too much time on social media can be damaging to your mental health, especially when consuming too much negative news. Okay, that’s good to know. But I will point out that my ‘doomscrolling’ is the only reason I found out what doomscrolling actually is!”
— Stephen Colbert

“Doomscrolling is so prevalent now that it was named one of Merriam-Webster’s ‘Words We’re Watching,’ and named it one of the ‘New Words We Created Because of Coronavirus.’ Those words will now replace the ones we are deleting because of Coronavirus such diet, pants and shower.”
— Stephen Colbert

“The C.D.C. is discouraging trick-or-treating. But to be fair, maybe children shouldn’t have been going around collecting candy from strangers anyway.”
— Jimmy Fallon

“That’s right, no trick-or-treating. It’s too bad — I’m really going to miss the disappointed look on my kids’ face when they get an Almond Joy.”
— Jimmy Fallon

“Halloween will be very different. So if you see a house covered in cobwebs, those aren’t decorations. Those are people who haven’t gone outside since March.”
— Jimmy Fallon

“Kids will miss getting candy, while parents will miss giving that quick judgey glimpse into their neighbor’s house: ‘Carpet in the kitchen? That’s very 70’s.’”
— Jimmy Fallon

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