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New Ad Alert.

Mike Bloomberg’s Independence USA PAC has hit the Miami airwaves with a new Spanish-language ad, “Deported,” which highlights the Trump Administration’s secret deportations of innocent Venezuelans. 

Venezuela ad

“For generations, America has been a refuge for those fleeing strife, violence, and persecution in their home countries – that’s why so many Venezuelans have fled Maduro’s oppressive regime to come here,” Mike Bloomberg said in announcing the ad.  

“Donald Trump hasn’t just denied them asylum and the protections they deserve, he has sent them back to Maduro with secret deportations.”

Read more about the deportationsU.S. Secretly Deports Venezuelans Even as Trump Assails Their Government’s Abuses

Must Have: Exposure Notification Apps.

Covid alert app image

If you live in New York or New Jerseydownload your state’s Covid-19 exposure notification app. The more people who use the app, the more effective it will be. 

Letter to Ex-New Yorkers in Florida.

Mike BloombergNew Yorkers Know Better Than to Vote for a Huckster Like Donald Trump — I Hope You Will Too (Miami Herald Op-Ed)

Voter Registration Reminder.

Visit to register to vote, check on your registration, or get state-by-state details on voting by mail and in-person.

Instagram of the Week.

Looking for Lincoln Across AmericaBloomberg Opinion’s
Frank Barry has been traveling across America along the Lincoln Highway, with the goal of reaching San Francisco by Election Day. 

The Supreme Court Debate Runs Along the Lincoln Highway

Binding Up Wounds by Opening Up Conversations

Check out this shot from Cheyenne, Wyoming, where he missed an extreme travel warning and almost got run off the road by 75-mph wind gusts. Follow @looking4lincoln on Instagram for Frank’s frequent updates.

Frank Berry Instagram

Campaign Ads of the Week.

Click the ads below to watch, hat tip: James Owens of Hawkfish:

A North Carolina Republican state senator uses a Halloween themed Grim Reaper to try to scare voters from her opponent:

NC ad

Mi Familia Vota’s Spanish-language spot imagines a soccer broadcast showing how Trump has failed Latinos amidst Covid. An impassioned announcer calls the play-by-play as Trump sees the virus coming, does nothing, “aaaand we’re all unemployed for not responding to the pandemic on time:”

An uplifting, Sam Elliott-narrated closing argument spot from Biden says, “There is only one America. No Democratic rivers, no Republican mountains. Just this great land and all that’s possible on it.” The ad features Joe Biden at an event with Moms Demand Action volunteers:

Get pumped! Everyone from runners to bikers — all in face masks — mail in their election ballots to the tune of Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot” in this upbeat mobilization ad:

Bloomberg Ad-Barrage in Florida.

Mike Bloomberg is spending more than $100 million to support Joe Biden in Florida.

Ground Game Blitz: Laid-Off Hospitality Workers in Florida Hired to Canvass To Reach Black, Latino Voters

Mike Bloomberg, Priorities USA Action and BlackPAC released a new TV ad as part of an ongoing $3.4 million TV advertising partnership in Florida specifically meant to reach Black voters in the state.

The new ad, “Gimme A Break,” focuses on what Biden and Kamala Harris will do to reverse Donald Trump’s record of failed leadership:

Watch it here:

gimme a break ad

More Ads:

Picture: Calls out Donald Trump’s reckless behavior at the infamous Sept. 26 Rose Garden event that was officially a super-spreader resulting in at least eleven new infections. 

covid superspreader ad

Affordable Care Act: Goes after Donald Trump over his administration’s continued legal efforts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act.

advertisement screenshot

One Nation: Featuring quotes from Kamala Harris’s vice-presidential acceptance speech that offer a message of unity. 

video screenshot

Economy: Makes the case that Joe Biden is the strongest choice to get the economy back on track.

video screenshot

El Otro Huracán: Emphasizes Trump’s disregard for Puerto Rico, which he has labeled “dirty” and “poor.”

video screenshot

Best of Late Night.

“We are less than two week out from the election, which means we are five weeks aways from finding out who is the President of the United States.”
— James Corden

“At one point Trump joked (at a recent rally) that no one wants him. I think the IRS might want you, if not now, at some point.”
— James Corden

“The 2020 Election is less than two weeks away. I’m so excited that I’m not getting any of the sleep I normally don’t get.”
— Stephen Colbert

“The race it so tight right now that in the last 24 hours, Pennsylvania has gotten visits from both Donald Trump and Barack Obama. It’s hope and change vs. grope and strange.”
— Stephen Colbert

On Trump’s secret bank account in China, revealed this week by the New York Times:

“Now on the other hand, maybe you want an American president who pays taxes to China. I mean this way when he is sitting down with Xi he can say things like, ‘Listen, buddy, I pay your salary, and this is what I think needs to happen.’”
— Trevor Noah

“Now I’m willing to bet that Trump wishes he had that Chinese tax money back in his pocket. Because with less than two weeks to go before the election, his campaign is almost broke. Which is really surprising for a Trump enterprise.”
— Trevor Noah

On Trump abruptly ending his ’60 Minutes’ interview:

“This is going to be the best episode of ‘45 Minutes’ ever.”
— Jimmy Fallon

“If you’re keeping score, Trump’s attacked ‘60 Minutes,’ doctors, and the Postal Service. At this point, seniors are like, ‘Do you want us to vote for you or not? Just tell us — we don’t have to.’”
— Jimmy Fallon

“Seriously, if you’re trying to win the senior vote, you can’t insult ‘60 Minutes.’ That’s like trying to win the youth vote by banning TikTok.”
— Jimmy Fallon

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